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Anna & Alice :: 327

Little Strawberry’s is all ready for the February round of Thimble with two brand new mesh outfits: Anna and Alice! I’m so excited to show both of them to you, including all of the colors available! ♥ Anna Dress Outfit ♥“Anna” is a dress outfit that is absolutely adorable! You get the dress only, and… Continue reading Anna & Alice :: 327

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Circus Galore :: 325

Sweet Hearts has so much to offer for the February round of The Cove Kid’s Event: an interactive circus tent bed along with 3 circus-themed pajama sets! First there’s the Circus Ring Master PJs, the Circus PJs, and lastly, Circus Clown PJs. ♥ Circus Tent Bed ♥The Circus Tent Bed is so awesome, it comes… Continue reading Circus Galore :: 325

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AllyGal :: 324

Happi Baby is featuring a brand new whimsical and adorable outfit at the February round of The Cove Kid’s Event: “AllyGal!” This outfit is made for Toddleedoo Baby Fitted bodies and includes a leotard, choker, hair flower, matching shoes, and animated umbrella. It costs 300L and comes with 3 amazing colors: burple, bink, and vreen!… Continue reading AllyGal :: 324

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Circus Dreams :: 323

The Popcorn Tree has released the comfiest and most adorable “Circus Dreams” pajamas for the February round of The Cove Kid’s Event! There are 22 designs available in a Miepon for 50L each – or you can purchase a copy version fatpack for 550L that contains all 22 designs in all sizes! The sizes available… Continue reading Circus Dreams :: 323

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Snow :: 321

Little Strawberry’s is featuring a wonderful new outfit, called “Snow,” for the Daydream event! They have also released their “Mary” outfit in Bebe Youth size! “Snow” is a one-piece shirt and pants combo outfit made for Toddleedoo Baby and Bebe Toddler bodies. It comes in 5 colors: blue, coral, mint, rose, and violet. ~*~ Also… Continue reading Snow :: 321

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Valentine Tees :: 307

It’s time for Thimble, and The Popcorn Tree is absolutely ready with their new release, Valentine Tees! There are 12 girls prints and 12 boys prints available in Miepons, 50L per pull. Many of these tees are also unisex – I have some pictures below sporting some of the girl’s and boy’s tees and they’re… Continue reading Valentine Tees :: 307

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Cute Gnome :: 302

Sweet Hearts has released the most adorable outfit for Care: Santa Town – the Cute Gnome! It comes with a onesie, boots, matching tutu, and santa hat! It’s perfect for this time of year, and what’s cool is it’s unisex because it can be worn with or without the tutu. You can wear it exactly… Continue reading Cute Gnome :: 302

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Corduroy Jumpers :: 301

Brrrrr! Today I ventured out and found the North Pole, and I think I actually found one of Santa’s hangouts! Luckily – just in case I run into him – I look super cute in my new Corduroy Winter Jumpers made by The Popcorn Tree! These jumpers are available at The Cove Kids Event right… Continue reading Corduroy Jumpers :: 301