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Klee & Aloy :: 335

Little Strawberry’s has released two brand new outfits for the March round of the Daydream event, which is going on right now! The first is a dress outfit called “Klee,” and the second is a pajama outfit called “Aloy.” ♥ Klee Outfit ♥“Klee” is a dress and top combo dress outfit that comes in five… Continue reading Klee & Aloy :: 335

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The Crown Collection :: 304

Boujee Baby has released The Crown Collection, which is a collection of 5 beautiful sets: a necklace, headbands in 5 colors, sunglasses, a tiara with 21 textures, and a purse! I’m super excited to feature them for you and tell you all about them so you can grab them for yourself. You can find these… Continue reading The Crown Collection :: 304

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Angel :: 249

Boujee Baby has released a new collection, called the Angel Collection, that currently has two brand new items: angel wings and a silver angel wing necklace. I’m so excited to tell you all about them! They are currently being featured exclusively at the Kidoodled event with special event pricing. ♥ {Boujee Baby} Angel Collection: Angel… Continue reading Angel :: 249

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Magical Dress :: 248

What a wonderful, magical day to be outside! I’m definitely feeling magical in my new dress by Cherry Tot that’s at the Woodland Kids event right now! This dress, called “Magical Dress,” is made to fit TD Baby, Bebe Toddler, Bebe Youth, and Chonks and comes with a dress that’s donned with beautiful wings with… Continue reading Magical Dress :: 248

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Sippy Cup! :: 237

Ascandia has released the cutest and most awesome sippy cup for the next round of the Roselline event! It’s original mesh which means there’s none other like it on the grid. It comes with a HUD that lets you mix and match 15 solid colors and 11 different patterns. There are versions that allow you… Continue reading Sippy Cup! :: 237

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Boothies! :: 235

Jester Inc. has these really cool boothies available right now in their mainstore! Called “Breakaway Boothies,” they come in all kinds of wonderful colors and patterns and can be resized to accommodate people of any size. These boothies come rezzed together or the ottoman and booth chair separately so that you can position them however… Continue reading Boothies! :: 235

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Back to School! :: 233

Cutie Patootie wants to make sure we’re all ready to go back to school with this most amazing gacha that’s at the August round of Thimble! There are 10 items and one bonus item, and I’m going to tell you all about them so you know exactly what’s going on with this fun gacha! ✿… Continue reading Back to School! :: 233

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Princess :: 232

Inky! has me feeling playful in my new outfit and new face stickers! This outfit, called “Princess,” and this “Hello Summer” sticker pack are at the August round of Thimble! “Princess” is made for Bebe Toddler, TD, Bebe Youth, and Tweeneedoo bodies and there are 4 different patterns available: blue, blue hearts, pink, and pink… Continue reading Princess :: 232

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Alicia Doll :: 229

Cherry Tot has a brand new super cute release out at the Petit Chou event, August edition: the “Alicia Doll!” This adorable doll comes in two colors: pink and sky. There are 3 dolls in each box- one to display, one to hold, and one to swing! These dolls cost 200L each. You definitely don’t… Continue reading Alicia Doll :: 229