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I <3 Sea Babies Pool :: 075

Sonder has an incredible new release for the June round of the Roselline event: I ❤ Sea Babies Pool! This pool comes in three different design options, has five fun animations, and can sit up to three avatars at a time! I’ve taken a few pics for you so that you can see the different… Continue reading I ❤ Sea Babies Pool :: 075

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Daddy’s Day Outfits :: 068

Sonder has gone all out for Father’s Day this year by creating the most adorable matching outfit set for girls, boys, and dads! They’ve also created the sweetest plushie, called “Raffe,” which is transferable so you can give it to your daddy as a gift this Father’s Day! For the girls, Sonder has created a… Continue reading Daddy’s Day Outfits :: 068

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Baywatch Baby :: 066

Sonder has the most adorable and fun release for the June round of The Cove event, and I absolutely can’t wait to tell you all about it! They have released a lifeguard tower and a set of lifeguard swimsuits! The lifeguard tower comes in three different colors and is loaded with 14 super unique and… Continue reading Baywatch Baby :: 066

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Sonder @Swank, June 2020 :: 054

Sonder has a few items featured at the June round of the Swank event, so this is going to be a pretty big post! Great ready for lots of awesomeness! There’s a super cute “Chairs Bench,” an outfit for girls called “Rainbow Gal,” and an outfit for Tweensters called “Noah.” ♥ Chairs Bench ♥ Firstly,… Continue reading Sonder @Swank, June 2020 :: 054

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Richmond Survival Camp :: 046

Are you familiar with the Richmond Survival Camp that’s happening this summer? Well, Sonder has released a set of things to help get you through it! The camp actually happens later in June, but it’s time to start getting ready so that you’re ready! Sonder is offering an Apocalypse Outfit, Wrapped Wrist Bands, and Care… Continue reading Richmond Survival Camp :: 046

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I Helps! :: 044

Sonder has released the most adorable interactive ironing board for the Adventure Kids event, and it’s absolutely free for Adventure Kids group members! This ironing board has three fun and functional animations inside, and I’ve snapped a couple of photos to show you. I have also included the sale ad so you know exactly what… Continue reading I Helps! :: 044

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I’m A Little Gardener! :: 037

Sonder has the most incredible release for the May round of the Roselline event: a kids’ gardening set! This set, called “Little Gardener Set,” includes a garden table which comes in faded wood and worn white (sold as separate packs), a watering can, seed packet, spade, mini rake, a bag of soil, and an animated… Continue reading I’m A Little Gardener! :: 037

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Just Alike :: 028

I’m so excited to blog this! I had help from big me! I’m always happy to help myself. *laughs* 😉 Moon and Back has released this dress, called “May,” for the May 2020 edition of the Moon and Back event! It’s part of a “Mom and Me” set made for TD Fitted and Maitreya Lara.… Continue reading Just Alike :: 028