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Cutie Pie :: 074

Moon Candy has released the absolute cutest outfit for the June round of the Roselline event: “Nym!” Nym is an outfit that comes with a cute crop top and skirt with a ribbon-tied belt. It fits Bebe Toddler, Bebe Chonk, Bebe Youth, Bebe Youth Chonk, and TD and comes in eight different color combinations! You… Continue reading Cutie Pie :: 074

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Daddy’s Day Outfits :: 068

Sonder has gone all out for Father’s Day this year by creating the most adorable matching outfit set for girls, boys, and dads! They’ve also created the sweetest plushie, called “Raffe,” which is transferable so you can give it to your daddy as a gift this Father’s Day! For the girls, Sonder has created a… Continue reading Daddy’s Day Outfits :: 068

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Sonder @Swank, June 2020 :: 054

Sonder has a few items featured at the June round of the Swank event, so this is going to be a pretty big post! Great ready for lots of awesomeness! There’s a super cute “Chairs Bench,” an outfit for girls called “Rainbow Gal,” and an outfit for Tweensters called “Noah.” ♥ Chairs Bench ♥ Firstly,… Continue reading Sonder @Swank, June 2020 :: 054

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MayBerry @Relay For Life SL! :: 052

MayBerry has designed a free t-shirt in support of Second Life’s Relay For Life event! This tee is made for Toddleedoo Baby, Toddleedoo Kid, Bebe Toddler, and Bebe Youth! You can pick up your own copy of this wonderful freebie at MayBerry’s mainstore, which is here! Here are a couple of close-up shots of the… Continue reading MayBerry @Relay For Life SL! :: 052

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Precious Panda :: 045

MayBerry has the most precious release for the June round of Belle Bebe, called “Panda Dress!” This dress comes in five different colors (turquoise, black, plum, gold, watermelon, and black) and is fitted for Bebe, Bebe Chonk, Youth, and Youth Chonk! Wow, what a mouthful! The Belle Bebe event’s June round starts bright and early… Continue reading Precious Panda :: 045

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Heart Belongs to Mommy :: 042

I have exciting news! I’m proud to say that I have a new sponsor: MayBerry! I’m so excited to feature their release for the Bargain Babies event, which starts on June 1st, and it’s an outfit called, “Olivia.” This outfit is fitted for Bebe Toddler and features a pair of cutout leggings and a shirt… Continue reading Heart Belongs to Mommy :: 042