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Which Witch :: 265

Now that it’s finally October, we can all get super into the Halloween spirit, and that is super exciting for me because I absolutely LOVE Halloween! What’s even more exciting is this brand new dress by PandaJam that’s being featured at the Nuggets Treats for Tots event! It’s super spooky-chic, which is definitely a style… Continue reading Which Witch :: 265

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Zaira :: 263

Butterflies are my absolute favorite, and I got to visit the Butterfly Conservatory and Cafe today! There were tons of beautiful, elegant butterflies flying all around me, and I even had one sit on my finger! I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was. Of course, there are tons of pictures because I’m… Continue reading Zaira :: 263

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Magical Dress :: 248

What a wonderful, magical day to be outside! I’m definitely feeling magical in my new dress by Cherry Tot that’s at the Woodland Kids event right now! This dress, called “Magical Dress,” is made to fit TD Baby, Bebe Toddler, Bebe Youth, and Chonks and comes with a dress that’s donned with beautiful wings with… Continue reading Magical Dress :: 248

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Chalk Drawing Set! :: 246

Enjoying some playtime outside with my new “Chalk Drawing Set” by Jester Inc. – and it’s out right now at the Woodland Kids event! This set comes in 6 different packs: cutsey, dinosaurs, space, animals, fantasy, and ocean. It’s 100% resizable and recolorable, and there are 4 custom coloring animations! When you click the bucket,… Continue reading Chalk Drawing Set! :: 246

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Duckie! :: 234

Cherry Tot has a brand new release out at the August round of Thimble: a “Duckie Jumpsuit!” This jumpsuit is just the cutest and is made for TD, Bebe Toddler, and Bebe Toddler Chonk. There are 5 colors available, and if you grab the fatpack there’s a HUD that lets you switch between colors! Each… Continue reading Duckie! :: 234

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Alicia Doll :: 229

Cherry Tot has a brand new super cute release out at the Petit Chou event, August edition: the “Alicia Doll!” This adorable doll comes in two colors: pink and sky. There are 3 dolls in each box- one to display, one to hold, and one to swing! These dolls cost 200L each. You definitely don’t… Continue reading Alicia Doll :: 229

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Foxy :: 223

Cherry Tot has created the sweetest little “Fox Plushies” for the July round of the Roselline event! These little ladies are sized for kiddos but can be resized, and they’re animated to hold. There are 5 different colors available: beige, fuchsia, orange, pink, and purple, and they cost 150L each! Aren’t they just the cutest?… Continue reading Foxy :: 223

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Animal Flipflops :: 220

Ascandia has released original mesh flipflops in a gacha called “Animal Flipflops,” and they’re available right now at the July round of the Roselline event! These animal-themed flipflops are sized for: babies (based on Toddleedoo Baby foot), adult females (based on Maitreya foot), and adult males (based on Gianni foot), but they’re also unrigged and… Continue reading Animal Flipflops :: 220

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Summer Vibes :: 219

I’m definitely feeling some major summer vibes right now- Chilling at the beach, posing for some pictures in my new “Summer Set” outfits by Okie Dokie! “Summer Set” comes with a t-shirt and matching shorts and is comprised of 4 different outfits: Summer Vibes, Mermaid, Ready To Ride, and Roarsome. They’re currently at the July… Continue reading Summer Vibes :: 219