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The Crown Collection :: 304

Boujee Baby has released The Crown Collection, which is a collection of 5 beautiful sets: a necklace, headbands in 5 colors, sunglasses, a tiara with 21 textures, and a purse! I’m super excited to feature them for you and tell you all about them so you can grab them for yourself. You can find these… Continue reading The Crown Collection :: 304

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Waiting For Santa :: 300

It’s almost time for Santa to come, and Boujee Baby has the most adorable, perfect furniture set for the occasion – the “Waiting For Santa” set! It’s out right now at The Cove Kids Event, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on the exclusive pricing! This set will eventually be available on marketplace… Continue reading Waiting For Santa :: 300

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Christmas Bears :: 298

Boujee Baby has released the Official Christmas Bears and they are currently at Care’s Santa Town for you to grab! There are three bears: 2021 Bear, Merry Christmas Bear, and Ho Ho Ho Bear! Each of these bears costs 99L, but you can purchase them all in a fatpack for 199L. All bears will also be available on Marketplace soon! Copy: YesMod:… Continue reading Christmas Bears :: 298

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Christmas Came Early! :: 297

Christmas came early this year, woohoo! Boujee Baby is offering so many wonderful things at the Happy Tot Christmas Kids Festival, and I can’t wait to tell you all about everything! There’s slippers, mittens, music box and tiara set, and some gifties at the Sweet Hearts Christmas Bonanza hunt – a snowflake tapestry and stocking… Continue reading Christmas Came Early! :: 297

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The Togetherness Tree :: 296

Boujee Baby is offering the “Togetherness Tree” at the current round of the Kidoodled event! As we are all in this together, we must celebrate each other and pay it forward. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the Togetherness Tree will go to the Purple Sloth Productions (PSP) sim as a thank you… Continue reading The Togetherness Tree :: 296

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Jolly Old Elf :: 287

My first Christmas item post! I am so excited! Boujee Baby has released the most adorable and amazing “Jolly Old Elf HImself – Santa Shoes” for the November round of Thimble – and what’s so cool about these sneakers is that they’re resizable and can fit absolutely anyone! They were originally sized on a Toddleedoo… Continue reading Jolly Old Elf :: 287

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Boujee Breen Set :: 274

Today was filled with pumpkin patch fun, and I was super excited to show off my {Boujee Baby} Boujee Breen Sets that are being featured at the Daydream event right now! These sets are absolutely fashionable, and adorable to boot, and come with a patterned sweater with matching high-rise slacks. There are 5 choices: Chic… Continue reading Boujee Breen Set :: 274

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Boujee Photo Shoot :: 272

It’s back to school time, and you know what that means — yearbook photos! Boujee Baby has created an amazing photo shoot experience for your yearbook photo – and all picture-taking needs! You can find it at The Cove Kids Event! It comes jam-packed with 10 items, and they are all resizable to fit into… Continue reading Boujee Photo Shoot :: 272

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Boujee Halloween! :: 268

Boujee Baby is all ready for Halloween and is featuring items at two awesome events: Roselline and the Happy Tot Monster Bash! I hope you’re ready for a fun post, because here we go! ♥♥♥ Boujee Baby at Roselline ♥♥♥ Boujee Baby is featuring so many wonderful things at the October round of Roselline, but… Continue reading Boujee Halloween! :: 268