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Halloween Overalls :: 279

Ooo… We’re about to enter this haunted house. Luckily I’m wearing the perfect outfit for it and stopped to pose with this cute puppy before going in! These “Halloween Overalls” are being featured by The Popcorn Tree at the October round of the Thimble event! They are pretty amazing! There are 4 different prints to… Continue reading Halloween Overalls :: 279

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Halloween Tees :: 276

It’s a rainy Fall day out but that didn’t stop me from getting out and romping around in it! It was too much fun, and I’m so glad I got some snapshots of my brand new Halloween tees by The Popcorn Tree! They are being featured at this round of The Cove Kids Event. There… Continue reading Halloween Tees :: 276

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Boujee Breen Set :: 274

Today was filled with pumpkin patch fun, and I was super excited to show off my {Boujee Baby} Boujee Breen Sets that are being featured at the Daydream event right now! These sets are absolutely fashionable, and adorable to boot, and come with a patterned sweater with matching high-rise slacks. There are 5 choices: Chic… Continue reading Boujee Breen Set :: 274

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Sara :: 264

What a beautiful day for a walk and some playtime outside in my brand new outfit by Happi Baby that’s being featured right now at the Roselline event! This outfit is covered in ruffles and is absolutely fantastic! It comes with a top, pants, shoes, hair scrunchies, and a cup, and is made to fit… Continue reading Sara :: 264

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Snack Time :: 261

What’s your favorite Halloween candy? Candy corn? That’s mine! And as you can see from this photo my dad snapped, I love my candy corn so much that I dumped it all over the kitchen floor! Yet another picture to make me feel silly when I’m older, I bet. ☺ The Popcorn Tree is featuring… Continue reading Snack Time :: 261

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Too Cool :: 242

PandaJam has me feeling like I’m way too cool for school in my new outfit that’s out at the September round of Petit Chou! This outfit, called “Too Cool,” includes an entire cargo shorts and t-shirt outfit, matching sneakers, and even super cool sunglasses! It’s made to fit Bebe Youth, Bebe Youth Chonk, Tweeneedoo, and… Continue reading Too Cool :: 242

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Princess :: 232

Inky! has me feeling playful in my new outfit and new face stickers! This outfit, called “Princess,” and this “Hello Summer” sticker pack are at the August round of Thimble! “Princess” is made for Bebe Toddler, TD, Bebe Youth, and Tweeneedoo bodies and there are 4 different patterns available: blue, blue hearts, pink, and pink… Continue reading Princess :: 232

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School Tees :: 231

The Popcorn Tree has released the most amazing back to school tees for the August round of the Thimble event, and I’m super excited to share them with you! You have the option of playing for these tees in a gacha until August 31st at noon SLT – but these tees are also available as… Continue reading School Tees :: 231

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Eli :: 225

Happi Baby has a brand new release for the August round of the Woodland Kids event, called “Eli!” This outfit comes with a romper, headband, and matching sandals – and it’s really 5 outfits in one because it comes with a texture-changing HUD with 5 bright and beautiful choices! It’s made for TD Baby Fitted,… Continue reading Eli :: 225

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Summer Vibes :: 219

I’m definitely feeling some major summer vibes right now- Chilling at the beach, posing for some pictures in my new “Summer Set” outfits by Okie Dokie! “Summer Set” comes with a t-shirt and matching shorts and is comprised of 4 different outfits: Summer Vibes, Mermaid, Ready To Ride, and Roarsome. They’re currently at the July… Continue reading Summer Vibes :: 219