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Back to School! :: 233

Cutie Patootie wants to make sure we’re all ready to go back to school with this most amazing gacha that’s at the August round of Thimble! There are 10 items and one bonus item, and I’m going to tell you all about them so you know exactly what’s going on with this fun gacha! ✿… Continue reading Back to School! :: 233

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School Tees :: 231

The Popcorn Tree has released the most amazing back to school tees for the August round of the Thimble event, and I’m super excited to share them with you! You have the option of playing for these tees in a gacha until August 31st at noon SLT – but these tees are also available as… Continue reading School Tees :: 231

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Dino-Mite! :: 215

The Dino-Mite Gacha by Sweet Hearts is so much fun! It’s at the July round of Thimble right now! There are so many pieces to collect – 14 total! And many of them are interactive, which is so cool. It’s 75L per play. Let’s break it down! ☺ Commons: There are 7 different dinosaur-themed toys,… Continue reading Dino-Mite! :: 215

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Cute Unicorn Floats :: 213

So Silly! is offering the cutest and most fun “Interactive Cute Unicorn Floats” in a gacha at the July round of Thimble! These floats can fit one or two people (you can ride with your bestie!) and are resizable so all ages can use them! This is a 100% brand new original mesh, and you… Continue reading Cute Unicorn Floats :: 213

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Summer Love :: 210

The Popcorn Tree is offering the cutest rompers and buckle sandals in two separate gachas for the July round of the Thimble event! The romper gacha is called “Flea Market Finds” and the sandals gacha is called “Buckled Sandals,” and they are both absolutely fantastic! There is a pair of sandals to match each and… Continue reading Summer Love :: 210

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Yoga Time! :: 209

Ohmmm! Cutie Patootie and The Popcorn Tree have me thinking it’s Yoga Time! with their newest collaboration, “Yoga Time! Gacha,” that’s being featured right now at the Daydream event, July edition. There’s so much to this gacha, so I’m gonna lay it all out for you because it’s absolutely fantastic! There are 9 total things… Continue reading Yoga Time! :: 209

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CARE: Summers Cruise 2021 :: 203

CARE presents: Summers Cruise 2021! Have you ever been on a cruise ship? Well, CARE has set up an authentic cruise ship experience for their Summer 2021 event – and you absolutely do not want to miss out on all of the fun! There’s so much I have to tell you about, so get ready… Continue reading CARE: Summers Cruise 2021 :: 203

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Snips & Sugar :: 121

The Popcorn Tree has two – yes TWO – gachas at the spring round of The Cove event, and I’m super excited to tell you all about them both. The first is made especially with girls in mind, called “Sugar & Spice,” and the second is made more with boys in mind, and it’s called… Continue reading Snips & Sugar :: 121

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Rainbows Galore :: 116

It’s so exciting that I get to blog again for The Float-In event! This time, I’m showcasing the “Rainbow Accessories” gacha by Sweet Hearts! This gacha has 8 rainbow-themed accessories and clothing items that you can win, including 5 commons, 2 uncommons, and one rare, which is the cutest resizable umbrella ever! It’s only 50L… Continue reading Rainbows Galore :: 116