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Butterfly Garden :: 331

The Popcorn Tree has released an adorable, brand new set of outfits for the current round of Thimble, called “Butterfly Garden.” There are 3 prints: blue, yellow, and pink. Each outfit comes with printed denim skirtalls, matching shirt with subtle butterfly neckline design, matching printed denim shoes, and tied headband. It’s made for (all fitted):… Continue reading Butterfly Garden :: 331

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Full Bloom :: 329

Sweet Hearts is featuring a brand new, 100% mesh outfit at the February round of Thimble, and it couldn’t be any more adorable! This outfit, called “Full Bloom,” comes with a bunny sweater, floral skirt, matching sneakers, and a flower crown! It’s made for Toddleedoo Baby Fitted and Bebe Toddler bodies. ~*~ ♥ More About… Continue reading Full Bloom :: 329

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Esme :: 328

Today is such a beautiful day, I decided to go exploring and found a fun family roleplay community called Sunshine Estate! It has just about everything you could possibly think of in a community setting. I put on my newest outfit by Happi Baby to explore, called “Esme,” and it’s available at the February round… Continue reading Esme :: 328

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Treats Trio :: 320

The Popcorn Tree is featuring the sweetest trio of dress outfits at the February round of the Daydream Event! There are three prints available: Happy Day Cupcakes, Party Cake, and Uni Corn, and each costs 199L. You can snag the fatpack for 399L, which means you’ll get 3 outfits for the price of 2! The… Continue reading Treats Trio :: 320

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Paradise Falls :: 316

Paradise Falls, a brand new collaborative shopping experience, is now open — featuring Dollee Pockets, Royal Pain, and PandaJam! Shop items that are exclusive to this location, and grab this month’s nearly free outfits out by the pool (only 1L)! Play the Miepon machines for fun new toys and accessories! Bring your friends and check… Continue reading Paradise Falls :: 316

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Jayla :: 313

Happi Baby is ready for the Roselline event, offering this wonderfully adorable outfit called “Jayla!” This outfit comes with a headband, dress, shoes, and holdable bunny. There is also a five colors HUD for the outfit and one for the shirt colors for many mix-and-match options for only 233L. There’s a demo available also, so… Continue reading Jayla :: 313

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Flowers :: 308

Inky! has released the sweetest, most comfy hoodie outfits for the January round of Thimble, called “Flowers!” There are four different patterns and colors to choose from: blue, grey, red, and rose, and each costs 188L. They’re made for Toddleedoo Baby, Bebe Toddler, and Bebe Toddler Chonk avatars. The outfit comes with a hoodie with… Continue reading Flowers :: 308

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Livia :: 305

Happi Baby has a beautiful, Spring-perfect outfit out at the current round of Thimble called “Livia!” This outfit comes with a dress, bloomers, shoes, and matching headband as well as a 5 colors HUD – for 5 outfits in one. Livia is made especially for Toddleedoo Fitted and Bebe Toddler bodies. ~*~ ♥ More About… Continue reading Livia :: 305

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The Crown Collection :: 304

Boujee Baby has released The Crown Collection, which is a collection of 5 beautiful sets: a necklace, headbands in 5 colors, sunglasses, a tiara with 21 textures, and a purse! I’m super excited to feature them for you and tell you all about them so you can grab them for yourself. You can find these… Continue reading The Crown Collection :: 304

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Christmas Came Early! :: 297

Christmas came early this year, woohoo! Boujee Baby is offering so many wonderful things at the Happy Tot Christmas Kids Festival, and I can’t wait to tell you all about everything! There’s slippers, mittens, music box and tiara set, and some gifties at the Sweet Hearts Christmas Bonanza hunt – a snowflake tapestry and stocking… Continue reading Christmas Came Early! :: 297