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Cute Gnome :: 302

Sweet Hearts has released the most adorable outfit for Care: Santa Town – the Cute Gnome! It comes with a onesie, boots, matching tutu, and santa hat! It’s perfect for this time of year, and what’s cool is it’s unisex because it can be worn with or without the tutu. You can wear it exactly… Continue reading Cute Gnome :: 302

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Christmas Bears :: 298

Boujee Baby has released the Official Christmas Bears and they are currently at Care’s Santa Town for you to grab! There are three bears: 2021 Bear, Merry Christmas Bear, and Ho Ho Ho Bear! Each of these bears costs 99L, but you can purchase them all in a fatpack for 199L. All bears will also be available on Marketplace soon! Copy: YesMod:… Continue reading Christmas Bears :: 298

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Movie Night :: 256

It’s movie night and we’ve all decided to watch scary movies until after Halloween! These “Halloween PJs” by PandaJam are absolutely perfect for frightfully fun movie nights, and you can find them at the CARE: Spooky Hollow event! They are made for Bebe Youth Fitted only, and there are three different patterns to choose from:… Continue reading Movie Night :: 256

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Batty Brat :: 255

Who loves haunted houses and spooky things? This girl definitely does! I’m so very excited to be wearing my brand new outfit by Sweet Hearts, called “Batty Brat,” that is the token prize for the CARE: Spooky Hollow event! What is a token prize? Well, when you attend CARE events, they give out special tokens… Continue reading Batty Brat :: 255

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Darla :: 207

I’m hanging out at the CARE Summer Cruise pool in my new outfit by Happi Baby – it’s being featured at this event in the cruise ship shopping mall! This outfit, called “Darla,” comes with the top and leggings outfit and matching sandals. There are six vibrant and wonderful colors available, and it’s made to… Continue reading Darla :: 207

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Won-Der-FULL Bees! :: 206

Sweet Hearts has me feeling Won-Der-FULL and looking bee-youtiful in my two new outfits that are being featured at the CARE Summer Cruise event! I’m so excited to tell you about both of these outfits! The “Won-Der-FULL Romper” outfit can be purchased with tokens and the “Bee Line Romper” outfit is a quest prize! I’ll… Continue reading Won-Der-FULL Bees! :: 206

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CARE: Summers Cruise 2021 :: 203

CARE presents: Summers Cruise 2021! Have you ever been on a cruise ship? Well, CARE has set up an authentic cruise ship experience for their Summer 2021 event – and you absolutely do not want to miss out on all of the fun! There’s so much I have to tell you about, so get ready… Continue reading CARE: Summers Cruise 2021 :: 203

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Seals! :: 188

What PandaJam really wants to know is… Do you choose the seal of approval or disapproval?? Just look at these outfits! They are absolutely adorable. Both the “Seal of Approval” and “Seal of Disapproval” outfits are being featured at the summer round of the Care Summer Cruise event! They’re made for TD, Bebe Toddler, Bebe… Continue reading Seals! :: 188