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Fable by Story Garden :: 310

Fable by Story Garden is a brand new bi-monthly family friendly shopping event, offering clothing, decor, full perm mesh, poses, and more. The event is located next door to the Story Garden kids shopping mall and event venue. It starts today, January 22nd, and runs through February 12th. Each round will be a different fun theme!

There is a Subscribomatic available for information and updates located in the landing zone, so be sure to click it to subscribe to all things Fable!

The designers participating in this event are:

✯ Dollee Pocket
✯ Kinderstrudle
✯ Ladybug Boutique
✯ Marshmallow Baby
✯ Meshmerized
✯ Once Upon A Dream
✯ Royal Pain

✯ Bloom
✯ HiVid
✯ Mun Bani
✯ Mystical Unicorn
✯ PandaJam
✯ Sweet Potatoes
✯ T-Minus

Here are some photos of the event, which features a beautiful and whimsical landscaping style and fun vendor booths!

My chariot has arrived to take you straight to Fable by Story Garden!


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