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Christmas Bears :: 298


Boujee Baby has released the Official Christmas Bears and they are currently at Care’s Santa Town for you to grab! There are three bears: 2021 Bear, Merry Christmas Bear, and Ho Ho Ho Bear! Each of these bears costs 99L, but you can purchase them all in a fatpack for 199L.

All bears will also be available on Marketplace soon!

Copy: Yes
Mod: No (Menu resizer included)
Transfer: No (Giftable at vendor)

The other decor in the picture’s also available!
✯ Merry Christmas Choo Choo – 75L
✯ Snowman Lamp – 125L
✯ ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas City Silhouette – 125L

Hop in! We’re headed straight to Care! 
♥ Care: Santa Town ♥

⊱✧ Sponsor Credit: Boujee Baby ✧⊰

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