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The Togetherness Tree :: 296


Boujee Baby is offering the “Togetherness Tree” at the current round of the Kidoodled event! As we are all in this together, we must celebrate each other and pay it forward.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the Togetherness Tree will go to the Purple Sloth Productions (PSP) sim as a thank you for believing in this community. The PSP sim runs on donations and no profit is made off of the stores there.

The Togetherness Tree plays the song “Believe” from The Polar Express and costs 299L. When you click the star on the top, it starts and stops the music. Also, when you click the base, a menu pops up and you’re able to resize the tree.

♥ More About The Kidoodled Event ♥
This event opens on the 6th and closes on the 27th day of the month and is especially for kid ages- all the way to tween. Kidoodled is sponsored by Purple Sloth Productions, and you can find more information about it on their Facebook page: and their Flickr group:

Let’s go to Kidoodled!
♥ Kidoodled Event ♥

⊱✧ Sponsor Credit: Boujee Baby ✧⊰

@ Kidoodled:

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