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Paw Necklaces :: 240


Out right now at the August round of the Daydream event: Boujee Baby has released a brand new beautiful set of necklaces that are part of a collection of items, and I’m really honored to tell you about it and showcase these necklaces. These “Paw Print Necklaces” are part of the Mew Collection. They’re made to fit smaller avatars but have touch to resize functionality, so they’re perfect for absolutely everyone.

There are 4 different necklace designs: 3 triangle paws, 3 paws down, 2 paws, and a single paw. The 3 triangle paws necklaces and the 3 paws down necklaces come in diamond, pink, purple and black. The 2 paws necklaces come in diamond, pink, and black. The single paw necklaces come in diamond and silver. The 4 packs cost 299L each, or 699L for the fatpack including all necklaces. The fatpack price is exclusive to the Daydream event.

About The Mew Collection

From the creator of Boujee Baby and the Mew Collection:
“The ‘Mew Collection’ is my dedication to my recently lost fur baby. Her name was Mew and she suddenly became ill and died of liver failure/disease. I have made an entire collection of items to go with this set. Some will be in my store now, some will be released at up coming events & then available on marketplace/In store. I hope this brings some awareness to others; it comes out fast & before you have a fighting chance, they are gone. R.I.H. ‘Mew Mew’ 6-10-2021.”

♥ More About the Daydream Event ♥
The Daydream event opens on the 12th and continues through the last day of the month. For more information on this event, please check out their Facebook page:

Catch a ride with me on my chariot!
♥ Daydream Event ♥

 ~ Credits ~ 

Body :: Bebe Toddler | Bebe
Skin :: Ariel II (Tone B) | BioBaby
Head :: TD Baby Mesh Head #Bento – Alice | ToddleeDoo
Eyes :: Mirage Eyes | ToddleeDoo
Ears :: Kawaii Ears | Swallow MP
Lashes :: Mira Lashes | Michan
Freckles :: TD Freckles and Moles HUD | Bad Seed
Hair :: barberyumyumB11(03) | yumyum
Shape :: Ariel II Shape | BioBaby
Top :: Baseball Shirt (Pink) | Little Miss MP
Featuring :: Paw Necklaces | Boujee Baby @ Daydream, August 2021

⊱✧ Sponsor Credit: Boujee Baby ✧⊰

Boujee Baby @ Nuggets:

2 thoughts on “Paw Necklaces :: 240

  1. Thank you 😊 beautifully done. I appreciate you sharing my story and how this collection came to be. Xoxo Bre 🌸


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