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Flint :: 208


Arg, matey! I’m so excited to share with you what Happi Baby is featuring at the July round of the Daydream event, I’m shakin’ in my boots – er sneakers! This outfit, called “Flint,” is delightfully unisex, perfect for both boys and girls alike. It comes with a t-shirt, shorts, a wooden sword, and sneakers, along with a HUD to change between 6 different outfits! “Flint” is made for TD Baby, Bebe Toddler, and Bebe Toddler Chonk and costs 233L. There is a demo available to try before you buy.

♥ More About the Daydream Event ♥
The Daydream event opens on the 12th and continues through the last day of the month. For more information on this event, please check out their Facebook page:

My chariot is heading straight there, let’s go!
♥ Daydream Event ♥

 ~ Credits ~ 

Body :: Bebe Toddler | Bebe
Skin :: Ariel II (Tone B) | BioBaby
Head :: TD Baby Mesh Head #Bento – Alice | ToddleeDoo
Eyes :: Cute Bytes Romantic Eyes | ToddleeDoo
Ears :: Kawaii Ears | Swallow MP
Lashes :: Mira Lashes | Michan
Freckles :: TD Freckles and Moles HUD | Bad Seed
Hair :: barberyumyum66 (Brown) | yumyum
Shape :: Ariel II Shape | BioBaby
Rings :: Fitted Unicorn Rings | Cherry Tot MP
Featuring :: Flint Outfit | Happi Baby @ Daydream, July 2021

⊱✧ Sponsor Credit: Happi Baby ✧⊰


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