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William :: 198

I love to explore new places! My parents and I are at the train station, all ready to head out on an adventure! I’m so comfy in my new outfit, called “William,” by PandaJam – it’s is being featured at the July round of the Kidoodled event starting on July 6th. This is excitedly a unisex outfit, which means it’s perfect for girls and boys alike! It’s made for Bebe Youth Fitted bodies and costs 175L each, but there’s also a PandaPack fatpack available for 350L that contains all of the outfits. One of the coolest features of this outfit is that there are two shorts versions included: one that matches the little critter hiding in the shirt pocket and a dark blue version. “William” comes in 4 different color options: Steve, Borg, Octie, and Blob (orange, blue, pink, and aqua).

Here are some pics of the outfits, and I’ve also included the outfit ad just for you! ☺

More About The Kidoodled Event

This event options on the 6th and closes on the 27th day of the month and is an event especially for kid ages, all the way to tween. Kiddodled is sponsored by Purple Sloth Productions, and you can find more information about it on their Facebook page: and their Flickr group:

You can take my chariot when it’s time – because it’s heading straight there!
Kidoodled Event

 ~ Credits ~ 

Body :: Bebe Youth | Bebe
Head :: Baby Face W001 | Genus
Eyes :: Midori Eyes (Ocean Blue) | Blubb MP
Ears :: Kawaii Ears | Swallow MP
Lashes :: (Almost) Free Eyelashes | okkbye MP
Hair :: Moody | Magika
Rings :: Fitted Unicorn Rings | Cherry Tot MP
Shoes :: Glitter Sneakers | Ari’s Princess Couture MP
Featuring :: William Outfit | PandaJam @ Kidoodled, July 2021

⊱✧ Sponsor Credit: PandaJam ✧⊰


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