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Seals! :: 188


What PandaJam really wants to know is… Do you choose the seal of approval or disapproval?? Just look at these outfits! They are absolutely adorable. Both the “Seal of Approval” and “Seal of Disapproval” outfits are being featured at the summer round of the Care Summer Cruise event! They’re made for TD, Bebe Toddler, Bebe Toddler Chonk, Bebe Youth, and Bebe Youth Chonk and are 150L.

On June 26th, a quest will begin where you find prizes along your way and PandaJam is offering the cutest Seal decor stuffie as their prize!

Here’s the ad for the outfits:

♥ About Care’s Summer Cruise Event ♥
The Care: Summer Cruise event starts on June 19th and will last through July 31st. The event quest starts on June 26th and there are various events happening where tokens are being given out – so you may want to join the Care group in-world to be notified! (Copy link address and paste into your chat in-world to access the group! It will show up in your local chat.)

Your chariot awaits: ♥ Care’s Summer Cruise Event ♥

 ~ Credits ~ 

Body :: Bebe Toddler | Bebe
Skin :: Ariel II (Tone B) | BioBaby
Head :: TD Baby Mesh Head #Bento – Alice | ToddleeDoo
Eyes :: Cute Bytes Romantic Eyes | ToddleeDoo
Lashes :: Mira Lashes | Michan
Freckles :: TD Freckles and Moles HUD | Bad Seed
Hair :: Elixir (Browns) | Truth Hair
Shape :: Ariel II Shape | BioBaby
Rings :: Fitted Unicorn Rings | Cherry Tot MP
Flip-Flops :: Flip Flops w/Hud | Babylush MP
Featuring :: Seal of Approval and Disapproval Outfits | PandaJam @ Care: Summer Cruise Event

⊱✧ Sponsor Credit: PandaJam ✧⊰


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