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PandaJam Store Remodel :: 166

I am so very excited to feature PandaJam‘s store remodel! I took a trip to see all of the changes, and one thing’s for sure – there’s a ton of pandas there to brighten or absolutely make your day better, no matter how wonderful you thought it was to begin with. ☺

When you first enter the store, you immediately feel incredibly welcomed and excited! There’s a welcome desk and a ton of pandas there to greet you. Make sure to touch the group joiner up front to join the PandaJam group so you’re kept up to date on all things PandaJam! As you navigate to your left, there are vendors on the walls showcasing PandaJam outfits. There are outfits available for pretty much everyone: Toddleedoo Baby, Tweenster, Bebe Toddler, Bebe Youth, and Chonks! There’s also another store within PandaJam called Mon Bateau for you to browse, and it’s to the right as you enter the store.

As you wander up the stairs, there are more vendors featuring PandaJam wares. There’s also artwork displayed on the walls, and all of it is for sale! There’s a few gachas to play as well. And, of course, there’s plenty of pandas to keep you company while you shop! ☺

Head on over to PandaJam to check it all out! A blog post can only show you so much, and it’s so much fun to experience for yourself! ♥

Your chariot awaits to take you straight there!

⊱✧ Sponsor Credit: PandaJam ✧⊰


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