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Bunny FooFoo :: 133

Little Bunny FooFoo… You have that song in your head now, don’t you? *smiles!* I am so excited to share with you what Cherry Tot and Kei Creations have in store for you at the spring round of The Cove event. Cherry Tot has the absolute most adorable outfit, called “Lulu,” and Kei Creations has a “Particle Friends” poofer gacha!

♥ Lulu Outfit by Cherry Tot ♥
The Lulu outfit, which is incredibly cute, comes with shorts and a shirt and that’s tied in the front and is made for TDB, Bebe Toddler, Bebe Youth, and Bebe Chonk bodies. There are 5 different designs and each costs 200L, but you can snag the fatpack with all of them for 800L. The fatpack actually comes with a HUD to change the shirt and shorts separately, so you can mix and match to your heart’s desire if you’d like!

Cherry Tot Store:
Cherry Tot Marketplace:

♥ Particle Friends Gacha by Kei Creations ♥
The Particle Friends Gacha is full of 14 of the most adorable poofers I’ve literally ever seen – there are so many animals and when you wear it, it poofs random cute pictures of animals all around you! There’s 2 rares: unicorn and pony, and it’s only 50L per pull. You’ll definitely want to collect them all. I’m seriously in love with the bunny and giraffe ones, but they’re all winners! One thing to note is the poofers are fitted for kiddos and might not work as well with adults.

Kei Creations Store:
Kei Creations Marketplace:

♥ More About The Cove Spring Event ♥
This event opens on March 17th and runs through April 15th. You can find more information about it by going to their Facebook page: and Flickr:

Your chariot awaits to take you to the event!
♥ The Cove Event ♥

 ~ Credits ~ 

Body :: Bebe Toddler | Bebe
Skin :: Ariel II (Tone B) | BioBaby
Head :: TD Baby Mesh Head #Bento – Alice | ToddleeDoo
Eyes :: Cute Bytes Romantic Eyes | ToddleeDoo
Ears :: Kawaii Ears | Swallow MP
Lashes :: Mira Lashes | Michan
Freckles :: TD Freckles and Moles HUD | Bad Seed
Hair :: *barberyumyum*B11(03) | yumyum
Shape :: Ariel II Shape | BioBaby
Rings :: Fitted Unicorn Rings | Cherry Tot MP
Sandals :: Iris Sandals | Viv.a Kids
Featuring :: Lulu Outfit | Cherry Tot @ The Cove, Spring 2021
Featuring :: Particle Friends Gacha | Kei Creations @ The Cove, Spring 2021

⊱✧ Sponsor Credit: The Cove Event ✧⊰

Event Location:

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