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Little Darling :: 112

How fun is it that I get to share with you what The Popcorn Tree is featuring for the Daydream event, which is starting in just a few days! There’s two things: a set of outfits called “Animals In My Pocket” and a “Headbands Galore Gacha!” Let’s jump right into the details, shall we?

♥ Animals In My Pocket ♥
This outfit is a one-piece ensemble with ruffles at the sleeves and different various animals popping out of a pocket on front of the top. It comes in 6 different designs and is being offered at an event intro price of 99L each or 499L for the fatpack. The designs are: Bear (Blue), Cute Bunny (Mint), Elephant (Rose), Panda (Orange), Giraffe (Purple), and you get Lovely Bunny (Pink) exclusively in the fatpack! It’s made to fit TD and Bebe Toddler bodies. There are matching headbands in the super awesome gacha I’m going to tell you about!

♥ Headbands Galore Gacha ♥
This is a huge gacha filled to the brim with headbands that can be worn with your own outfits or matched to to Animals In My Pocket outfits or – get this – the outfit The Popcorn Tree is featuring at the Ninety-Nine event this round: “Unicorn In My Pocket!” There are 15 other colors and patterns in the gacha for a total of 24 designs – you honestly don’t want to miss out!

♥ More About the Daydream Event ♥
This event starts on March 12th and runs through March 31st. You can find out more information about the event by going to their Facebook page:

Your chariot awaits to take you to the event when it’s time!
♥ Daydream Event ♥

 ~ Credits ~ 

Body :: Bebe Toddler | Bebe
Skin :: Ariel II (Tone B) | BioBaby
Head :: TD Baby Mesh Head #Bento – Alice | ToddleeDoo
Eyes :: Cute Bytes Romantic Eyes | ToddleeDoo
Lashes :: Mira Lashes | Michan
Freckles :: TD Freckles and Moles HUD | Bad Seed
Hair :: Sweet | Magika
Shape :: Ariel II Shape | BioBaby
Sandals :: Strap Sandals Yoko Leather (White) | Viv.a Kids
Featuring :: Animals in my Pocket | The Popcorn Tree @ Daydream, March 2021
Featuring :: Headbands Galore Gacha | The Popcorn Tree @ Daydream, March 2021

⊱✧ Sponsor Credit: The Popcorn Tree ✧⊰

Facebook Page:

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