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I Must Be a Princess! :: 036

Inky has released the cutest, most adorable picture that’s absolutely perfect for each and every princess: a picture frame that says, “I’m so cute, I must be a princess!” The picture is pink with white lettering and has a chunky white frame, and it’s modifiable so you can resize it to your heart’s content. This picture frame is priced at 55L, making it super affordable as well!

Here’s a closeup picture so you can see the picture in detail:

 ~ Credits ~ 

Picture Frame :: Princess Frame | Inky
Toy Box :: Little Girls Toy Box | Prim Pile Creations

⊱✧ Sponsor Credit: Inky ✧⊰

Inky & p.o.s.e. Store:
Inky & p.o.s.e. MP:

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