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Kaleidoscope :: 035

Guess what guys? I have another Thimble post to share with you! I’ll be featuring the creations of two of my sponsors again, The Popcorn Tree and p.o.s.e., because both are at Thimble for the May round. Are you ready? Let’s go!

The Popcorn Tree @Thimble, May 2020

The Popcorn Tree is featuring three outfits at Thimble this round, one of which I blogged in my last post (this one). I mentioned there were two other outfits, and I’m going to show you both of those!

The first outfit is called “Kaleidoscope,” and it comes with a dress and a matching bow, either on a headband or just the bow (two versions of the bow are included). This outfit is fitted for Toddleedoo Baby and Bebe Toddler and is priced at 100L, which is the event promo price! You’ll wanna grab it before the price changes after the event!

The second outfit by The Popcorn Tree is called “Taller in Space,” and it is a shirt and pants combo outfit made for Toddleedoo Baby Fitted and Bebe Toddler Fitted mesh bodies. This outfit is priced at 100L and is an excellent pick for both girls and boys! It’s so cute!!

I’ve captured pictures of both outfits so that you can see all the details!

Your chariot awaits to Thimble! :: Thimble

p.o.s.e. @Thimble, May 2020

p.o.s.e. has three poses available at Thimble this round! I have featured one for you in the feature picture of this post, called “Thankful,” and it is a sitting pose with a sign prop for you to hold. The other two poses are called “Fly High,” which includes poses for two adults and a child in the middle of them, and “With My Besties,” which has two kiddo poses and two plushie dolls as props. I’ve included the sale pictures for you below so that you can see the other two poses for yourself.

I’ve got a chariot ready for you to head to Thimble! :: Thimble

Here’s a breakdown of everything I’m wearing so you can grab it all for yourself!

 ~ Credits ~ 

Body :: Bebe Toddler Body | Bebe
Skin :: Leah (Creme) | Bad Seed
Head :: Baby Mesh Head #Bento – MOON | TD
Eyes :: Midori Eyes (Ocean Blue) | Blubb
Lashes :: Mira Lashes HUD (Toddleedoo) | MICHAN
Ears :: Ears Elf HD | Swallow
Hair :: barberyumyum*65B (Brown) | yumyum
Shape :: Personal Shape
Outfit 1 :: Kaleidoscope Dress & Bow | The Popcorn Tree @Thimble, May 2020
Outfit 2 :: Taller in Space | The Popcorn Tree @Thimble, May 2020

Pose :: Thankful | p.o.s.e. @Thimble, May 2020

⊱✧ Sponsor Credit: The Popcorn Tree ✧⊰

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⊱✧ Sponsor Credit: p.o.s.e. ✧⊰

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